How to heal your relationships

healing relationships

Overriding principles in healing relationships

There are two overriding principles that are essential in our relationships; they are presence and non judgment ( or unconditional love).
Presence facilitates a deep centering in our heart and creates both authenticity and deep empathy. Furthermore we are bringing spirit into our relating in each moment. Presence naturally creates the second principle, which is nonjudgment or love.

Core essentials

There are four core essentials that guide the way.
  1. Understanding our emotional selves. Until we are prepared to see our true emotion it will control us. Suppressed emotion will be either projected outwards, possibly hurting others or inwards creating sickness.
  2. Understanding our recurrent behaviour patterns or thoughts.Seeing them with compassion and learning to move beyond them.
  3. Developing deep empathy. Really this is about recognizing others are mirrors. Whatever challenging behaviour they may have, with empathy we can see the deep fear, pain or unworthiness beneath it. We can also recognize we have experienced this same deep emotion ourselves. Of course sometimes we need to set very clear, firm boundaries or even steer clear of another. However we can always hold them with compassion. Ultimately we can learn to see them as the same divine love that we are.
  4. Authenticity.It is so important to be able to listen to our inner truth and be willing, more and more, to live by it. It’s a process of slowly letting go of the need for external approval and gaining a clearer recognition of who we need to be in the world. This is informed increasingly by our spirit so we become surrendered to that.

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