Healing & Wellbeing

Are you suffering chronic illness, pain or just feeling tired? There is a wholesome path forward.

Access your inner wisdom with Mia’s intuitive guidance. Find the path to wellbeing.

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Illness is contributed to by physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Integrate all aspects. Gain compassionate insight towards wellbeing. Enter deep healing states with Mia during sessions & catalyze your healing.

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Appointments last for 1 hour.

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Delivered in-person in Perth. Online is also possible.

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Standard cost: $280. Medicare Rebate $191.20 Gap $88.80.
Student/pensioner $255 .
Rebate $191.20 Gap $63.80.

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Assessment may require 2-3 sessions depending on complexity.

About healing & wellbeing sessions

Sessions involve gaining understanding of every aspect of you. Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. All areas are addressed and integrated towards greater wellbeing.

Then there is the opportunity to access deep energetic states with Mia as a guide. Intuitive wisdom arises in both participants. Healing is catalysed in this beautiful space.

There is much scientific literature available about the benefits of meditation for both physical and mental health. Mia is very experienced both as a doctor and meditative practitioner.

Please note Mia does not practice as a standard GP. There is no medication prescribing , nor general health issues covered.

Learn more & see the space

If you have questions Ask Mia

Wanting to feel greater wellbeing?

Uncover a holistic path forward for your physical wellbeing. Nurture every aspect of Self.

FAQ’s about holistic healing sessions


Building Worthiness

A doctor’s journey of awakening, a shared journey to worthiness.

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