Mia has two podcasts Building Worthiness and Spiritual Psychotherapy. Hear some of Mia’s journey and enhance your awakening.

Building Worthiness

A doctor’s journey of awakening, a shared journey to worthiness.

Mia shares some of her own journey, as a way of describing how we all build worthiness towards awakening.

Building Worthiness Podcast

Trusting Life

Life inevitably pulls us home. When not in alignment, we will experience circumstances or symptoms designed to realign…

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Spiritual Psychotherapy

Gently let go of layers of identity, so that we can awaken to what we truly are, divine love.

Spiritual Psychotherapy Podcast

Ordinary Love

What we all are, this pure Essence/Source/God is unconditional love. I have recently experienced how this love is…

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Spiritual Psychotherapy Podcast

Supporting Transformation

How we gently support ourselves through transition/transformation. Allowing transformation, stepping through vulnerability creates more love in our lives….

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Join the Spiritual Psychotherapy Podcast

Awaken love and “remove the blocks to truth” A Course in Miracles. As we gently let go of layers of conditioning, the light that we are is revealed.

Ask Mia your questions or share insights.

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