You have power & deep wisdom within.

Awaken your spirit with Mia’s guidance. Create a joyous, healthy, more loving life.

Learn to live your authentic life. Build confidence, loving relationships & physical wellbeing.

Uncover a path that is truly wholesome for you. Bringing greater healing: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Open up to your unique gifts and greatest potential.

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Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling with Mia enables deep healing insight, opening your heart. Couples and family therapy also provided.
Medicare rebates available.

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Healing & Wellbeing

Mia’s intuitive assessment, plus your inner wisdom, combine to create holistic healing. Enabling physical, psychological & spiritual wellbeing. Medicare rebates available.

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Immerse yourself in loving presence. Hear guidance , ask questions. Available to general public and also to businesses.

About Mia

Dr Mary Patricia Quinlivian

I have been a general practitioner for 33 years. I focus on psychotherapy, mindfulness and holistic physical wellbeing. I encompass spirituality (nonreligious) if the client is interested.

I suffered stress & anxiety as a young person. After years of personal work, I feel very healed and at peace. In 2017 I started awakening into beautiful states in meditation. I live life from a wholesome place and love is growing all the time.

Medicare rebates are available (unless you are living overseas).

I have extensive healing experience as a doctor and therapist. My main influences are Isira and A Course in Miracles.


Mia’s podcast Building Worthiness

A doctor’s journey of awakening, a shared journey to worthiness.

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