There is deep wisdom & love within you.

Awaken to your power with Mia’s guidance. Nourish your spirit & transform your life.

Living centered in our true Self we feel safe, peaceful, connected to our loving essence.

Mia’s counselling facilitates a gentle letting go of limitations. Our fear eases as our beautiful, inner wisdom awakens.

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Individual Psychotherapy

One-on-one counselling with Mia enables deep healing insight, opening your heart.
Medicare rebates available.

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Group Psychotherapy

Supportive small group counselling with Mia. We heal together more quickly than we heal alone.

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Immerse yourself in loving presence. Hear guidance , ask questions. Available to general public and also to businesses.

About Mia

Dr Mary Patricia Quinlivian

I have been a general practitioner for 31 years. I now focus on psychotherapy and mindfulness. I encompass spirituality if the client is interested.

Years of mindfulness, facilitated a personal journey of beautiful awakening. In 2017 at Uluru with Isira ( Aunty Jinta), I started opening into the pure essence that we are: love. This love is slowly permeating my life.

I welcome clients from all over the world. Medicare rebates are available if you live in Australia.

I have extensive experience as a doctor and therapist. My main influences are Isira and A Course in Miracles.


Into the Light with Mighty Companions

Learn how Mia, a doctor of 30 years, gradually shifted from anxiety, towards awakening into love.

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