Guilt can be unwholesome in relationships

guilt is not wholesome

An overdeveloped sense of guilt can make us ignore our inner truth .

If we are regularly acting from guilt, inevitably we are not listening truly to what our body is telling us. In a relationship this means that we may not be honoring our core truth and standing up for ourselves. We worry about offending others or conflict, so we stay silent. This results in a build up; feelings like overwhelm, exhaustion, anger and resentment towards that person. These feelings are our responsibility. Telling us we need to be firm and honour our truth.

Some humans may attempt to manipulate with guilt

This is not something we need to judge them for. It is a pattern they have got caught in because of their conditioning. However we do not need to enable manipulation. It is our responsibility to stand up for our truth. If we let ourselves be manipulated we will experience distress, either depression or anxiety.

Responding from guilt is not healthy for either person, we are not doing them a favour

If we act from guilt this keeps the other stuck in unhelpful behavior patterns. We are not giving them the opportunity to see the truth, something that would be very helpful for them. If you really look at any relationship where you are acting from guilt, you will see how unwholesome it is for both parties.

Take responsibility , live your life honestly and be true to yourself. Real love sometimes has to be very firm, in a compassionate manner. Mia

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