We are not meant to be overwhelmed

releiving overwhelm

Overwhelm is a choice

As we learn to sink into our hearts we recognize that overwhelm is a choice. It is possible listen to our inner being and create a life that is manageable in a wholesome manner.

Let go of people pleasing

It may mean letting go of people pleasing, saying no or risking the disapproval of loved ones.

Learn to nurture yourself

It will also mean spending more time in presence, a very nuturing and unconditionally loving state. Time in nature can facilitate this even more deeply.

Trust consciousness/God

Learning to trust God also really helps. It lessens our fear of things not being OK. It’s about handing over, surrendering. This is not giving up, it’s more a deep trust that everything has value and will work for the good of the whole.

What is wholesomely manageable for your body, is enough

Inevitably, what is manageable for our bodies, in a wholesome way, is enough.

We are not mean’t to overwhelm ourselves.

Spend time in presence, let it guide you, slow down, say no, ask for help.

Do only the amount that feels wholesome for your inner being.

Trust this will always be enough, everything will be OK.


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