The value of our psychological symptoms

value of our feelings

Being present with and accepting our psychological symptoms will create more wisdom and less suffering.

Psychological symptoms can at times be very distressing.However much of the suffering associated with them is because we so resist their presence. This judgement and resistance to what is, only spirals us down further.

Our symptoms are there to guide us

If we learn to observe our symptoms with absolute compassion and sit with them in presence. Then there is the beautiful opportunity for wisdom to arise. Our symptoms are there to teach us. They are letting us know that we are not fully in alignment with our deepest self and with what is. I once heard Jim Carey say (this is not exact) “depression is our body’s way of letting us know it will no longer put up with the shit we’ve been dealing out to it.”

There really is a way forward.

The most challenging moments in my life have definitely been my greatest teachers. Listen to this short video from my last workshop.

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