Finding Fulfillment

vulnerabilty versus defensiveness

“The key to fulfillment is to make conscious choices, that reflect your intentions rather than your fears.” Isira

This is a very powerful statement. It is amazing how often in life we are controlled by our unconscious fear and it stops us from moving in the direction of our hearts.

Common Fears

It may be fear of failure, fear of not being enough, fear of rejection or aloneness, fear of truly and compassionately facing ourselves, fear of vulnerability, fear of the unknown, fear of loss or fear of disapproval when we honor our truth.

When we supress fear, it controls our behaviour

All of these fears can lie unnoticed inside of us. We don’t choose to see them because they are uncomfortable. However while we suppress them they are controlling our behavior. They will be limiting us in our work lives and our personal connections. Also our ability to live connected to consciousness and fully embrace everything that we are.

Fear is healed with acceptance and love, then focusing on our intention.

The solution is to allow ourselves to see our fears with acceptance and compassion, then we will start to move beyond them. Accept our fears and then focus on our deepest intention. This is best done at the end of our daily meditation. First just witness the feeling of fear in the body spend a few minutes just accepting and allowing your feeling. Then listen to your deepest Self and acknowledge your intention, what you would like to offer the world. This will help to keep you aligned with where your heart wants to go.

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