Healing social anxiety

healing social anxiety

Useful tips for social anxiety

Social anxiety is about worrying what others think of us.In truth living our lives wholesomely is never about having to be something for another. All we can ever be at any given moment is true to ourselves and what we have to offer.If we are feeling fear inside we can lovingly accept that. However we all do have something to offer and this is what we can practice focusing on.

We all have something to offer

Some of my clients feel they don’t have anything to offer. This is not true. If you are experiencing anxiety one thing you can always offer is understanding and compassion for others who feel the same. In fact you may well be a sensitive , compassionate human, more so than others. What more wonderful thing could you offer the world?

Instead of worrying about being accepted, aim to offer acceptance to others, they will love you.

The very best thing to do is to reverse it. Instead of worrying about being accepted, aim to offer acceptance to others. In a social situation you don’t have to say much while you are learning to accept your anxiety and be centered. However if you are warm and you offer acceptance to other humans they will definitely enjoy being with you. Slowly over time you can start to speak more of what comes to you to say.

If we treat our anxiety with acceptance and we  aim to offer others acceptance. We will be loved and we will heal.

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