Weight loss with kindness, meditation & tools

three short meditations

I have had the lovely opportunity to work with many clients around weight issues as a therapist and GP. This is a beautiful meditation to facilitate your healing and some tips for the way forward. Do this meditation daily.

Meditation; weight loss with kindness

The breathing techniques come from Isira’s Alpha breathing see isira.com

Tools for weight loss

Accept yourself exactly as you are now

Self judgment or self dislike creates more suffering. Hold your feelings compassionately, however it’s so important to accept yourself as you are now. Judgment only keeps us trapped in depression and a negative cycle. Of course you can gently aim for a healthy weight, and this starts with acceptance. The truth of what you are is already perfect. You are pure spirit, divine, perfect , whole, safe, held always in unconditional love. You are love.

Learn to witness your emotion, this benefits comfort eating.

Over eating is often about comforting suppressed emotion. So its hugely important to learn to witness emotion with great compassion. Rather than trying to bury it. Do the meditation above regularly or spend 10 mins a day breathing and then simply observing how the body feels. No analysis just watching. Perhaps seeing the tension. Perhaps awareness of fear, sadness, overwhelm, frustration, whatever is there. Simply be present with it. As you gently make your emotions more conscious, they will no longer control your behavior.

It also helps to do some deep breathing and have a good shake daily. If required, add in yelling, screaming, laughing, crying or dancing. We all need to let go of the emotional tension we carry around! See shakti shake on Isira.com

Reflect on and adjust life patterns that no longer serve you.

Witnessing/acknowledging emotion may also bring awareness of patterns in the world that aren’t serving you. Unconscious patterns keep us stuck in suffering. The commonest I see is a tendency to people please and ignore what is wholesome for us. Create the time for some self reflection. Often we are not truly loving and supporting ourselves in the world and we need to make adjustments.

Be very honest and very compassionate about eating patterns and their effects.

Be honest and very compassionate about any unhealthy eating patterns. We can tend to avoid facing the truth of what we do and its consequences. Be really honest and let yourself see. Then hold what you discover with great kindness and patience. The honest acknowledgment will facilitate you finding your way forward. The best way for you.

Engage with life wholesomely. Avoidance due to fear of judgment, spirals us down.

Be kind to yourself. Aim not to avoid activities that are wholesome because you are not confident with who you are. Don’t avoid connection socially or exercise, if you know its healthy. You can go gently with this, you don’t have to do everything. However, if we avoid engaging with life, we just get more depressed. Cultivate friendships or partnerships where you can be fully honest and open. Always accept lack of confidence lovingly. However aim to gently step through it, tiny steps forward are OK.

Reverse the desire for acceptance from others, towards giving acceptance to others. Then surface appearances become irrelevant and everyone will enjoy being with you.

Pause regularly, before eating and during. Bring in meditation.

Pause regularly, before eating and during eating. Eat as mindfully as you can. Also start regular meditation. The more you create stillness, the more your emotion and patterns will become conscious. A wholesome , kind and patient way forward can then be uncovered.

Hold your intention for a healthy body, without attaching to fixed outcomes or timing.

It’s really valuable to regularly tune into our intention for a healthy body. Let yourself feel, how being healthy would feel. Do the meditation regularly.

However there is great wisdom in letting go of fixed outcomes or timing, this can generate judgment. It’s about letting ourselves be, allowing our healing to evolve in it’s own way and at it’s own pace.

Immerse yourself in nature.

Get into nature. It is immeasurably  supportive for your body and mind. Take your shoes off and connect. Nature will support your healing.

Avoid sugar, it doesn’t serve our healing.

Avoid sugar and aim for plenty of vegies and protein. Healthy fats are good too.

Do the exercise you love and can manage.

Find an exercise you love and do it regularly. Go gently and compassionately with this.

To repeat, hold yourself with love, as you are now, this begins healing.

Finally to say again. Accept yourself now. Everything you are is Ok. You are a beautiful, divine being, safe, whole and perfect. Hold yourself with great love. To quote Eckhart Tolle

Whatever we accept we move beyond. Whatever we resist we are stuck with.

So accept yourself as you are, this facilitates healing.

These skills may take guidance and practice. I would love to guide you.

Check out my individual therapy or group therapy .

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