Healing Relationships

healing social anxiety

The key areas are;

  • realizing that all of us want to open up to love in our lives and we want to give love.
  • learning with mindfulness how to live more from our hearts than our heads
  • accepting the challenges life brings as opportunities to learn, including challenging relationships
  • having the courage to face our issues compassionately, allowing vulnerability
  • learning to take full responsibility for our happiness, letting go of blaming others or situations, listening to what our bodies are trying to teach us
  • discovering true empathy really understanding what others are feeling inside, knowing that sometimes being firm, honoring our truth, is required, as is empowering others by not doing to much for them
  • learning how not to react from our unconscious emotion , but to respond later when we are calm
  • knowing that when we forgive others we also forgive ourselves
  • to quote the course in miracles “we are never upset for the reason we think”, if we have a lot of upsetness or energy about something it belongs to us not whoever we are trying to project it on

Watch a sample of the talk in the video below

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