Spiritual Psychotherapy


Be immersed in a field of loving presence with Mia and others.
Hear guidance, ask questions.

Practice how to access your true Self with Mia. Enlighten your life.

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Everything valuable takes practice. You have deep wisdom and the opportunity to create a loving, peaceful life.

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What to expect?

We begin with meditation. There will be some guidance on an area valuable for your awakening.

Connect with Mia and ask questions or share your beautiful insights.

Going to one of Mia’s full day retreats was wonderful, it was like pressing reset on my brain! To be able to have time to reflect, meditate and share with others is something that was so helpful to me, and I am planning on attending more of her retreats this year.  

– Minky
I have found Mia’s presence to be incredibly calming. Her wisdom has allowed me to understand my family dynamics with a healthier perspective. I have been able to let go of hurts I had been carrying for a long time. Her ability to tap into my true needs settles me and it’s from that place of stillness that I am able to empower myself. Making time to be with her is a gift.
– Julie

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FAQ’s about workshops


Into the Light with Mighty Companions

Learn how Mia, a doctor of 30 years, gradually shifted from anxiety into enlightened states.

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