Spiritual Psychotherapy

Individual Sessions

Are you experiencing discomfort?
You have the wisdom and courage to heal. 

Individual psychotherapy with Mia provides deep healing insight, opening your heart.

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With Mia’s gentle guidance you can align with your true Self. As Self, life becomes wholesome and love starts to flow.

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Sessions last for 1 Hour.
You may wish to record the session, for your benefit

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Consults online or in person

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Cost standard
$200 + $20 GST = $220
$180 + $18 GST = $198
No GST if overseas

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Six sessions discount.
$30 off 6th session in a year.
Highly recommended

What to expect?

Individual sessions start with a 2-5 minute meditation. You then share your experience in a space of acceptance. 

With a combination of gentle therapy and centering into your true Self, the path of healing opens up.

Mia provides deep presence and guidance, however, it is up to you to apply your new wisdom. You will be accepted exactly as you are and welcomed with presence. Presence is love.

If you are in financial difficulty, we can find a way to connect. Contact Mia

Ready to start your journey?

With Mia’s gentle psychotherapy you can align with your true Self. As Self, life becomes wholesome and love starts to flow.

FAQ’s about individual sessions.


Into the Light with Mighty Companions

Learn how Mia, a doctor of 30 years, gradually shifted from anxiety into enlightened states.

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Mia is indeed a friend who comes on this journey with you…..and doesn’t just tell you what ‘you’ should do she embodies truth, love and deep wisdom – I really look forward to my time with Mia

– CP
Mia created a sacred space for my self discovery…Mia is an empowering woman, nonjudgemental,supportive,understanding,honest,a true professional who shows love and compassion.
– Helena

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