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Group Classes

Supportive small group psychotherapy with Mia; we heal together more quickly than we heal alone.

Supportive small group psychotherapy with Mia. We heal together more quickly than we heal alone.

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Attend one or more group classes with Mia and gently discover your true Self. Groups facilitate deepening presence, openness and acceptance. Recognizing that even with our imperfections we are truly perfect!

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Join a 70 minute class. Classes run alternate Thursdays from 21/10/21, from 4.50pm to 6pm

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Delivered online or in-person in Perth.

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$65 for 1 class or $250 for 4. If stu/pens 1 class $55 or $210 for 4. Both plus GST.

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Groups will run with anywhere from 2-4 people, plus Mia.

How do group classes work?

Classes run alternate Thursdays during school term, from 4.50pm to 6pm. Commencing 21/10/21. I will add more time slots as needed. Bookings are essential. If you are a student or pensioner contact Mia, otherwise book online.

You can also form your own group with family, friends, or colleagues. This can run at a time suitable for you.

Groups focus on healing and spirituality. If you form your own group, you may choose any focus such as; social anxiety, relationships or weight loss.

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What to expect?

Group therapy starts with a beautiful meditation, immersing in presence together.

Each member will then have opportunity to share, with guidance from Mia if desired. At the end there will be time for questions or comments.

I have been seeing Mia regularly for nearly 2 years, a period which has been turbulent and immensely challenging for me personally. Mia has been a calming presence and a wise and loving guide, who has encouraged me to get out of my mind and into my soul. Little did I realise at the start of this journey that I had deep, even trapped, emotional pain stemming from my childhood. I learned, with her gentle assistance, that I was unconsciously repeating childhood patterns and acting out of alignment with my true self. I would be the first to admit that I dismissed “spirituality” as “woo woo” rubbish and getting “still” was jarring if not damn-right annoying to start with! Fastforwarding some time, I can say that therapy with Mia has opened my mind as well as my heart and soul. I am slowly but surely learning that I am “enough” and perfectly imperfect. My path to inner peace and knowing is wholesome, and I will forever remember the influence Mia has had in this journey

– S

Ready to join a group class?

Supportive small group psychotherapy with Mia; we heal together more quickly than we heal alone.

FAQ’s about group psychotherapy.


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Learn how Mia, a doctor of 30 years, gradually shifted from anxiety into enlightened states.

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