3 really valuable, 5-7 minute meditations

three short meditations

I had a lovely client ask for a short meditation she can start practicing. It’s a common request. So I recorded 3 meditations each 5-7 minutes, and each really valuable to practice.

Alpha breathing meditation.

Alpha breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system calming the body and mind. Alpha breathing was taught to me by Isira she has a great course on her website isira.com.

Awareness in the body meditation.

Body awareness is a great way to learn to stay present, even in challenging situations. It was how I first, really learned presence.

Witnessing thought meditation.

Witnessing is the difference between being caught in something, and being able to step back from it. Observing thought or emotion with awareness is what heals, because awareness is innately loving. Witnessing fosters an understanding of what awareness is.

Keep practicing, it is so worth it. Blessings Mia

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