Meditation & other tools to relieve stress

three short meditations

The immense health benefits of calming the body and mind, with simple tools.

Many humans live in a constant state of low grade anxiety, permanently in the “fight or flight state”. Physically this involves, high sympathetic nervous system activity and excessive amounts stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenalin. In turn contributing to almost every medical illness such as: high blood pressure, heart disease, inflammatory disease and degenerative disease. This continuous low grade anxiety also negatively impacts our mental health.

We can learn simple tools to calm the body and mind, activating the parasympathetic nervous system, and reducing stress hormones. This has immense benefits for our mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing.

Meditation and calmness, enable us to access our inner wisdom, making better decisions.

No problem can be solved from the same conscious level that created it

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein made many of his greatest discoveries because he was able to calm his mind and rest into his intuitive wisdom. If we never learn to calm the mind, we go through life completely unable to address our challenges from our own deep wisdom. Therefore we keep making the same mistakes, stuck in patterns that don’t serve us. As we learn to access calm states we access our intuitive Self, nothing less than divine spirit. Insights come and we make more wholesome decisions, guided by love.

What are the tools that calm the body and mind? Come along and find out.

There are many techniques to help us calm the body, mind and access deeper states. These will include meditations, various breathing techniques, releasing techniques, stretching and movement, being in nature, witnessing emotion, learning Self love, acceptance, also patience and compassion. I will be discussing and practicing all of them. Come along, you will have the opportunity to practice and you will be held in deep presence, there is no greater healer.

Mia is a doctor and awakened spiritual psychotherapist. Learn more about Mia

Meditation details

  • When: on hold at present due to covid
  • Dates: to be advised
  • Where: to be advised
  • Parking and toilets available. There is wheelchair access.
  • What to bring: a drink bottle, comfortable clothes, if you want to meditate sitting on the floor bring your mat or cushions.
  • Covid Rules: I need to comply with Covid rules so please bring your phone to check into the SafeWA app, there will be hand sanitizer available. You need to wear a mask indoors at present however the room has an outdoor area where we can remove our masks.
  • Cost: to be advised

How to book

Booking either, contact Mia or book online here.

Looking forward to seeing you at the meditations

Love and Blessings


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