Healing symptoms of depression or anxiety

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Symptoms like stress, depression or anxiety, are our bodies way of telling us we need to listen to our inner being.

As we come into alignment with our true Self we heal.

I often feel a little sad at the medicalization of symptoms like depression or anxiety. Somehow the world has this idea that they are a purely physical, an illness that we may be prone to forever. This is definitely not the case . From my own experience and that of many humans I have witnessed, symptoms like depression and anxiety are really our inner being saying to us ” you need to start listening to me”.

We can uncover our true Self by learning how to compasionately move beyond habitual patterns of thought and behaviour. Also by gently witnessing emotion.

Over an again I witness clients healing as they learn to see their deeper feelings with compassion. Then they learn to adjust habitual patterns of behavior or thinking that have not been helpful in their lives. Along the way, they are learning how to listen to their own intuitive self and discover the way forward from the perspective of their hearts. It is beautiful to watch, it’s like watching a flower open.

It takes courage and honesty to become more authentic, you already have both.

The more we are willing to take responsibility for our own healing and have the courage to make some changes in the way we go about life. The more we will heal.

With patience, gentleness and persistence we can shift our unhelpful patterns.

Some examples of patterns that can be slowly adjusted are; pushing people away or putting up walls because we fear we are not enough, or people pleasing in the world because we ache for acceptance. Often ignoring the needs of our inner being in the process. It really is as simple as being willing to see the fear compassionately or the desire for acceptance. Then we can consciously, slowly adjust the habitual behavior. There are many different unhelpful patterns all of which can be compassionately addressed as we heal.

Presence, silence and vulnerability are also required.

The healing journey does involve a willingness to spend time in silence, to quieten the mind so that we can hear our inner being. We experience more and more “aha” moments as we discover a way forward that is in alignment with our heart. Healing also requires a willingness to become more vulnerable, open and to be compassionately honest with ourselves.

It does get easier.

I had periods of feeling depressed and anxious in my young life. However for many years now I have felt very whole and very at peace, love is growing all the time. There will always be flux of emotion, this can be welcomed as a part of ongoing learning. I have deepening trust in my ability to hear what I need to hear. To listen to what my heart is telling me and to trust the path life is taking me on. This creates much less fear.

There is value in finding someone to guide you, whom you know can guide you towards love

The real opportunity is to compassionately acknowledge what the body is feeling and to have the courage to slowly learn from it. This is how to heal. Becoming present to your deepest inner being, will guide you on the right path. Sometimes it can be challenging to learn how to do this . I have always sought out teachers who I knew could guide me towards love. I would love to guide you on your journey.

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