Group psychotherapy; value & details

group psychotherapy

Groups are a beautiful way to uncover our true Self and practice presence

Everyone around us is a mirror. When we see love and acceptance in others, it’s a beautiful reflection of what we are. When we see fear, pain or anger in others, the opportunity is to accept that with great compassion. Recognizing that we all experience these feelings. As we learn to accept others we learn to accept ourselves. Acceptance of another still allows, setting clear boundaries as required.

Groups often help us discover that we are not alone, that underneath the surface we all have similar challenges.

Groups facilitate gentle opening at a pace that is comfortable for us.

Guidelines for group practice with Mia

  • With two participants, groups will last for 50 mins. With over two participants, groups will go for 70 minutes.
  • We will always start with a beautiful meditation, so please arrive on time.
  • Confidentiality is upheld at all times. Any sharing from others is kept within the group.
  • You’re welcome to share or ask questions around your experience. While others are talking, it is best to remain silent until everyone has shared. Mia may provide guidance if asked.
  • The atmosphere is of acceptance and letting others be as they are.
  • At the end, given time, we can open the discussion. This is not about giving advice to others. However if something arises, you are welcome to share from your experience using “I language”, that others may benefit from.

Details of group psychotherapy

Cost; standard is $65 plus GST or $250 for four classes ( highly recommended), student/pensioner is $55 or $210 for four classes.

Place; in person groups at 16 Pinewood Avenue Woodlands. I may also do some online groups as required.

Time; 4.50pm until 6pm alternate Thursday afternoons. Commencing 21/10/21.

Bring; wear comfortable clothes and bring a notepad and pen. Also a drink bottle if required.

Book online or contact Mia for more information. Please note students and pensioners need to contact Mia to book.

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