Be brave enough to be authentic

be brave be authentic
Sometimes it’s scary to be ourselves, really be who we need to be. Others may not expect it or occasionally disapprove. Surprisingly though, mostly people will respect you.

We are here to express our authenticity and it will make us happy  

Our health and happiness depends on our ability to be authentic to our true nature. We are here to express exactly what we have to offer the world and it is beautiful.

Not being true to ourselves, erodes our self esteem

Pleasing others or society rather than being authentic tends to erode our self esteem. Teenagers often feel they are different to everyone else and find this uncomfortable. In truth, though we all have individuality to offer, underneath we are all the same. We have the same fears and we all ache for love. At deeper level, at the level of spirit we are one.
So let yourself be who you are even if it’s a little different. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL EXACTLY AS YOU ARE.
Much love

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