Accessing the wellspring of nature video

access the wellspring of nature

Constant doing, creates disconnection from Self and overwhelm.

So many of us are caught in a constant state of doing. We feel overwhelmed and exhausted much of the time. Our bodies are slowly wearing down, because we are not taking the time to stop and recharge. Even if we do stop for an hour we look at our phone, read, watch TV or stay stuck in thought. This does not recharge us.
It is necessary to look after our body and soul, we will never truly heal if we don’t.  Meditation and  reconnecting to nature are hugely important.

How to access the wellspring of nature

Sit in nature with presence

Take yourself to the beach or a park and sit with your hands and feet on the earth. Start with some breathing centering yourself in, and then become aware of nature. Practice sitting next to a tree and just be aware of the tree. Be aware of the roots deep in the earth and the branches reaching up into the sky. Really just be aware of the tree. With time you can start to notice a stillness or presence in the trees. It is beautiful. That same stillness can be felt in the earth, or ocean or sky. Nature is available to nourish you, you  just have to be willing to be still and listen.

Feel the energy of the body

Another way of starting to feel natures wellspring is by becoming aware of the energy in your body. Be still and notice the energy, it may be a tingling or  a vibration, whatever you feel is perfect. Once you are used to feeling your energy, take your attention down into the earth and be aware of the energy of the earth. Notice how the earths energy and your energy are connected. Totally allow yourself to be nourished by the earth and be grateful to her.
Watch this short clip from a mindfulness class

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