The symbolism of the Cross

This episode describes the symbolism of the cross. It’s beautiful message of transcendence from suffering. Also how hard it can be to continue awakening, because of the ego’s tenacity. However we are all supported every step of the way , we all have Mighty Companions.

Awakening to Light through fear

I was very moved by the love of spirit describing this first deep awakening into Light. As you listen, feel it within you. We are all one in this love.This is how loved you are. Deepest blessings Miya ( Mary Patricia Quinlivan)

First true Awakening central Australia

At a station near Kata Tjuta in central Australia I had my first true awakening. Supported by Isira and a mob of indigenous spirit guides I awakened into the truth of what we are, pure beingness. It was both immensely beautiful and somewhat wobbly.

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